Whitmuir - Growing the Future

create a living learning space

Whitmuir - Growing the future

Help us to raise the funds to buy the 140 acres of land, farm and buildings at Whitmuir and create a Living Learning Space on Scotland's first community owned farm.

Today Whitmuir is a working organic farm, just south of Edinburgh with an organic farm shop and restaurant. The farm also hosts the Dancing Light Gallery and is home to the 2000m2 - food for one year project funded by Climate Challenge Fund.

Tomorrow, as well as continuing to produce good food every day, we want Whitmuir to become a national resource on sustainable food and farming, with discovery trails, exhibits, educational opportunities and citizen science projects. The farm is twice the size of the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh - and we want to work with the landscape to bring the story of past and future food to life.

As well as walking around a beautiful bit of Borders countryside, just 16 miles from central Edinburgh, you can discover what bugs and beasties do all day; why organic farming is good for you and the planet; what makes a pig happy and how to grow your own food. We can explore everything from the brilliance of clover to the intricacies of the carbon cycle. Help us make this wonderful space come to life.



The Climate Challenge Fund are supporting a one year project to support community growing, cooking and composting on Whitmuir Farm.

Workiing with community growers and our two local schools, we aim to reduce the local carbon footprint by 30 tonnes of carbon by:

  • Piloting a rural food waste recycling scheme with up to 60 households
  • Testing two small scale composting systems on the farm
  • Working with pupils of Newlands and West Linton primary schools to recruit up to 40 community growers to participate in community growing on the farm to produce vegetables for the schools and the growers
  • Demonstrating how much food can be grown on 2000m2, the amount of arable land available to every person on the planet.

Throughout the year the project will also be running cookery and food sharing sessions, presenting composting workshops and hosting farm tours, demonstrating how we can reduce our carbon emissions by growing our own food, reducing food waste and composting the waste for future growing.


Some of our story so far......

Whitmuir Community Benefit Society Limited has been established to purchase the land and buildings from the current owners, oversee the farming and develop the educational, accommodation and commercial aspects of the land.

The new Management Committee and Steering Group, elected on 24 January 2015 are now to commence work on a full scale business plan for the development of the whole site, including the accommodation, farming and educational aspects of the business. Details will be circulated as soon as they are available.

The launch of our first share issue - March 2013

The photos below are from our Share Issue Launch on 21 March 2013 (yes, it was snowing - remember!) - as well as our first shareholders, Maya and Innes, we have Meg, our grower with Christine Grahame MSP and Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment.

Photograph of the first shareholders Maya age 5 and Innes age 10.  Photo by Graham HamiltonPhoto of Shareholders Innes age 10, Maya age 5, our own Meg Goodwin, Christine Grahame MSP and Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead.  Photo by Graham Hamilton

Our first shareholders Maya (5) and Innes (10) - photographs by Graham Hamilton

With your support, we can make Whitmuir a place where you can:

  • Imagine the future of food and farming in our one planet polytunnel.
  • Work out the farm’s carbon footprint on our zero carbon, zero waste trail.
  • Learn about growing, foraging and cooking organic food in our green classroom, field kitchen and community plots and garden.
  • Discover birds, bugs and beasties and what they do all day on our nature trails.
  • Climb the hill on our history trail and see for years and years.
  • Learn to be a farmer by coming on our courses - everything from rearing your own hens to growing herbs, from laying hedges to keeping bees, from respecting pigs to making silage.

By buying a share for as little as £50 you can be part of this - although please invest more if you can, as none of this will happen unless we can raise the full amount requried. Tell your friends and family too.

For more information on buying shares please click here

A word from our shareholders...

" Every time I go to Whitmuir or read the newsletters I'm so inspired by all the hard work that Pete, Heather and the team put into making Whitmuir such a special place.  It's a real part of the community, with great environmental credentials - and they never seem to stop developing it to make it even better.  I'm proud to be a shareholder in such an inspirational project " - Miriam

" I wanted to support the values of this local, unique, community project and the hard work which continues to go into its ongoing development." - Rachel

thermometer displaying the amount raised towards the target
" I was keen to buy shares in Whitmuir Community Farm because I believe passionately in the vision of local sustainable food that they embody. In this age of large-scale corporate agriculture, a farm that is taking a stand for an alternative way of making food work, deserves our support. I believe their type of farming is good for wildlife, good for our nutritional health and good for our communities. It also provides a first step in building a food system that is not reliant on fossil fuels and so can provide a model of ways to reduce the impact of food production on global warming." - Andy

" We decided to become shareholders because we really want to support Whitmuir and do what we can to ensure it's future. It's a huge asset to the area to have such a wonderful place on our doorstep and becoming a shareholder is a great way of being part of that." - The Pryor family

Enjoy our wee film above!

2000 m2

food for one year

Join our community growers on Saturday


Graphic from Stakeholders meeting held on 16 Jan 2015

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Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5

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