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Cookery World Tour 2018 – starting Sunday 18 February

Bored of eating the same food each week?  Fed up with all the packaging you get with ready meals?  Why not join us on our World Tour of Homemade Ready Meals?  Learn to make your favourite takeaways for a fraction of the price at our FREE COOKERY COURSE.  Aimed at all ages and levels of experience our cookery tutor will work with you to set you on a healthy, climate-friendly food journey for 2018.  Starts Sunday 18 February at 1pm and runs for 4 consecutive weeks in the Newlands Centre, Romanno Bridge.  Interested and live or work in the EH46  postcode?  To book a place or find out more email us:





Less Waste More Taste!

Through improving and adapting our food habits and cooking skills we can reduce our food waste.

The 2000m² team are working with Pat Tweedie, a Community Cook, to teach climate-friendly cooking skills tailored to meet the local community’s need and in collaboration with West Linton and Newlands Primary Schools.

Pat Tweedie is cooking in the community poly tunnel at Whitmuir surrounded by pink flowers.

We focus on supporting people to:

  – Plan food purchases to minimise waste

  – Think about what’s in season locally and learn how to cook with it from scratch

  – Keep/cook with leftovers and surplus

  – Consider food safety

  – Preserving fresh food through pickling, freezing, drying and making jams

  – Take part in food sharing activities




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