Cookery Courses


Our Final cookery course has now finished, thank you to everyone who came along and joined in so enthusiastically!  Thanks also to Mona Taylor, our Cookery Tutor, for being such an inspirational teacher.  We hope that the lessons learned in the last few weeks will stay with you for life and help you maintain your healthy cooking habits.  As part of the legacy of the project all our cooking equipment has been donated to the Newlands Youth Group, so keep an eye out for any courses they may be running in the future.  All the recipes used as part of the course can be found via the link below:





Less Waste More Taste!

Through improving and adapting our food habits and cooking skills we can reduce our food waste.

We focus on supporting people to:

  – Plan food purchases to minimise waste

  – Think about what’s in season locally and learn how to cook with it from scratch

  – Keep/cook with leftovers and surplus

  – Consider food safety

  – Preserving fresh food through pickling, freezing, drying and making jams

  – Take part in food sharing activities



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