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Individuals can request a share of the compost that is produced through our community food waste collection scheme. 

We aim to supply compost that does not contain germs, sharp fragments, toxins, toxic substances, viable seeds or regenerative plant parts.  However, we cannot guarantee they will never be present.  This compost contains naturally-occurring micro-organisms, some of which may be harmful to human health if basic safety precautions are not taken.  

Please read the following guidance relating to the compost from 2000m² based at Whitmuir Community Farm:

  • This compost must only be used for personal use. Waste regulations apply to businesses.
  • This compost is produced using household food waste, wood pellets, cardboard and green waste (weeds, old vegetables).
  • Domestic pets and animals should be prevented from accessing the materials during storage and for two weeks after application.
  • Wear gloves when handling this compost, and wash hands immediately after use.
  • Avoid eating any of the compost, or inhaling any airborne dust, water vapour or microscopic particles that may arise when handling it.

Thank you for reading this guidance, please now contact us if you would like to request a share of the compost.

Whitmuir Community Farm
West Linton, EH46 7BB
01968 661 029
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