The Living Learning Place


Can we build a Living Learning Space at Whitmuir?

  • Do you want farms in Scotland to produce food for people in Scotland?
  • Do you want farms in Scotland to build biodiversity, capture carbon and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels? 
  • Do you want the farmland in Scotland to be owned by many people not just a few huge landlords?
  • Do you want new farmers to have access to land to learn and grow their businesses and skills
  • Do you believe like us that land use is of vital importance in shaping the future of our country?

Those of us on the board Whitmuir really believe that we can create a destination that engages all people at all levels on the subjects of sustainable food production, from universities to family day-outs. We want to do this by showing people a working, sustainable farm, that is feeding its local community, reducing carbon emissions and building diversity.  The farm has the scope to demonstrate no-till/no-dig techniques, rich pasture, permaculture design, agroecologly, forest gardening, agroforestry on a substantial scale.  The farm the potential to demonstrate a working alternative to industrial farming and all of the associate damage that the present system is wreaking on the climate, planet and the animals we share it with. 

This coming year Heather and Pete the owners of the farm are looking to move on. This means that the future of the farm is uncertain. The best possible option for the community, the local businesses on site and the people who work here is that the Community Benefit Society raises the money to buy the farm and continue the great work being done here and to develop it as a valuable community resource. The money to take on the farm can be raised through a combination of enterprise, community shares, crowdfunding, grants and loans. This process will need people to come together, raise awareness and make this vision a reality.

We already have over 200 shareholders who have believed in this vision. 

If you want to be a shareholder download the form and send it to us at Whitmuir Community Farm, Lamacha, West Linton, EH46 7BB