Community Cafe at Whitmuir

Whitmuir Community Farm are taking over the cafe at Whitmuir. The cafe is at the heart of Whitmuir and connects so many of our other activities together. With this in mind, as well as providing amazing food to our visitors we also want to illustrate all the important benefits of cooking from scratch, organic food, local food (it doesn’t get more local than the food grown on the farm!) and a zero waste system where the cafe can respond quickly to seasonal changes on the farm and use any excess produce from the farm shop. The cafe will also be a space for training, education, community activities, groups and events.

We are recruiting for a Cafe Manager/Cook.

We are looking for someone who is interested in organic food and farming, and sustainability more generally – and who can also cook good food (scones, soups, salads, hot dishes) for a variety of customers (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, flexitarian) , lead a team, manage a budget, control costs and waste, and communicate with customers as well as on social media.  The cafe makes a point of reducing food waste by using the no longer so beautiful fruit and veg from the shop and the farm.

All the facilities are ready to go – your job is to hire and train the team, develop the menu and get the doors open ‘under new management’.  You will be supported by the Community Farm board and welcomed by the cafe’s regular customers.

To discuss the job email and we will get back to you

Job Description

Whitmuir Community Farm


Full-time post (40 hours)

Salary £24,000

Usual hours of work: between 8.30 and 5.30.  Includes regular weekend work but only occasional evenings

Location: Whitmuir, West Linton EH46 7BB

Job purpose: to set up and manage a thriving community café at Whitmuir

Main duties:

To recruit, lead, train and manage a team of staff

To prepare, cook and serve food alongside the team

To control costs – including wages, ingredients, supplies and waste

To develop menus (including vegetarian, free from and vegan options) using organic ingredients (from the farm as far as possible)

To promote the ethos of the community farm to customers and staff

To ensure high standards of service, cleanliness, health and safety

To respond to customer comments, suggestions and complaints

To provide catering for special events at the farm

To manage volunteers and trainees

To provide a monthly financial report to the community farm management committee

Reports to:

A nominated member of Whitmuir Community Farm management committee

Person specification

Essential experience, qualities and skills

Excellent cooking skills

Able to cost dishes 

Able to manage a budget

Able to manage a team

Able to communicate the value of community ownership, short supply chains, organics and sustainability to customers, staff, volunteers and trainees, 

Desirable experience, qualities and skills

Experience of café/restaurant management as an employee or own business